Why you need to do app review and promotion company?

Every mobile application needs to be promoted. Only the rules here are somewhat different from the promotion, for example, of the site. Since the application is essentially a product, a full-fledged advertising campaign is needed to spread knowledge about it and cause the target audience to wish to install it on their gadget.
A common error made by those who create mobile apps specifically for children is to assume that their marketing strategy has to be massively different than if they had developed an app for business. Although you would be better served setting up a LinkedIn account (for the business app) which would give you access to professionals and businesses interested in your app, there is no fundamental difference between marketing a child’s app and any other form of app. If anything, you need to remember that the most successful apps are supposed to be fun. And besides, it will be the child’s parents who are most likely to purchase the app.

Lost In Translation

If you want your mobile app to be a worldwide phenomenon or just want to increase its chances of success, be prepared to use several different languages to describe your app on the App Store and Android Marketplace selling sites. Did you know that less than 400 million of the world’s 7 billion population speak English as their first language and less than 1.5 billion people speak English as their second language? Stubbornly sticking with English eliminates almost 75% of the world’s population. This is a real shame because children’s apps have the potential to be massive worldwide sellers.

Aesthetically Pleasing Icons

It’s really difficult to catch a parent’s eye on App Store through the written word alone. Most parents are far too busy to read even a fraction of the review, but they will take into account reviews from another users, especially parents. So, you can find some good service app review that will help you with app promotion. For example, they can try to catch their attention, use an icon for your app that is extremely eye-catching. Color is the key to a great icon though you should also include unique shapes and designs if possible. Years of psychological research suggests that humans tend to pay more attention to a human face above all others. You could do worse than place an attractive human face on your app icon.

Under Review

No matter what your app’s purpose is, it must be submitted to as many review sites as possible. You should concentrate on review sites specific to children’s apps first. Many of these sites allow users to review the app so if your creation is causing a sensation, you will hopefully be the recipient of many positive reviews. Marketing research shows that approximately 75% of online consumers view at least one review from a fellow consumer before making a purchasing decision. You can talk about your app’s wonderful features all you like but remember, a customer’s review will carry far more weight.

PricingWhy you need to do app review and promotion company?

It is tempting to charge as much as you can for an app but placing too high a price will turn parents off. Many of them are quickly looking for a fun app for their child and will probably baulk at having to pay 3.99. If your profit margin can afford it, sell your app for 0.99 as this is a figure that is known to catch the attention of the public. Offering a free version of the app is also a good idea as is the practice of offering a limited time only discount. When you inject some urgency into proceedings, people are usually quick to make a decision.
Hopefully, you now understand that kids’ apps should be marketed in almost the same manner as regular apps. Regardless of the app, getting noticed amid the million apps online is your greatest challenge and will decide if your app is a success.