Why you need mobile app?

If you are the first on the phone screen of a smart phone user when he or she searches for a product or service, you get the business or somebody else wins. And this is a winner takes all world where there are no second chances and no second places. You either win everything or you lose everything.
As mobile application development vendors, we have developed specific applications that address consumer pain points. And most of the applications we have built are for technology and consumer facing businesses that thrive on a high-performance-high reward culture. Let’s examine each benefit in detail as to how local businesses can benefit from mobile apps.

Polygonal marketing:

Launched by Google, it is perhaps the search giant’s trump card that has been leveraged by mobile apps embedded with geographical targeting facilities wherein filters are provided that only pass through sales leads which come from the area defined by the business owner where they want business from. Catering to far –off customers is a drain on the resources and businesses even prefer to have employees and vendors from the same area where they have chosen to establish their base. Proximity to customers, suppliers, vendors reduces the cost of doing business and adds velocity to the whole business cycle.

Yellow pages Advantage :

With online yellow pages directories being offered on smartphones through mobile apps; application developers can customize enterprise apps to fetch the entire local business database and send promotional mails to the entire database of businesses published in the online directory for high value lead generation.

Responding to Sales queries :

Responses from users browsing online directories, print ads or those who respond to call to action can be made instantly via phone, SMS, email, WhatsApp and the concerns of the customers can be addressed immediately. Speedy responses from customers engenders trust in the minds of users and they take it from granted that the business takes care of them. And they reward the business with more leads and referrals helping small businesses to grow big in a small span of time.

Business lead generation through Social media :

By syncing your enterprise app with social media platforms helps you to keep your ears on the ground. Whenever somebody mentions your brand in a tweet or post you get an immediate notification and can respond in real time to customer queries. Rumor mongering can be nipped in the bud. Stories about staff departures, product defects can be handled at the initial stage itself before it conflagrates into a full-fledged controversy. Remember the age old PR principle: ‘A fire is always small before it becomes big’ and it applies to online reputation management perfectly.

Connecting importers to exporters :

If you are planning to make inroads into foreign markets and earn valuable foreign exchange then you need to take the help of application development vendors to tweak your app. The API or application protocol interface of your enterprise app can be synced with apps that can fetch data from import –export directories and addresses of exporters can be obtained to market them directly. Same business logic can be applied in the case of importers.

Billing, Invoicing, and ERP:

These chores are a task upon themselves and this is something that every business owner knows. And most enterprise grade mobile apps come with this functionality to offer invoicing, billing, creating ledger, trial balance, trading account, profit and loss account or in case of non-profits the income and expenditure account coupled with receipts and payments accounts and calculate the profit after tax. Some robust apps can offer hourly balance sheet of both profit and non-profit entities every hour and can offer stock trading information if the company is listed in the local or national stock exchange.

Attendance control, HR, Payroll, Regulatory Reporting

Why you need mobile app?

Internal controls are essential for long term success and powerful mobile apps can calculate attendance, idle-time wages, keep record of time sheets sent by remote on-site workers calculate salaries, provident fund deduction, employee state insurance deductions, and net deductible tax after taking savings and investments into consideration. All this can be indispensable for regulatory reporting that is crucial for both small and medium size businesses at the end of the year.
So, the above examples illustrate how crucial mobile apps can be for local businesses that need a catalyst for growth. Through process alignment, incremental improvement in service delivery, enterprise grade mobile apps can help you gain huge savings in time, money, energy and help businesses do more with limited resources.